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Anonymous sent: Hey Chu, how's it going? What's new with everyone's favorite mohawked demon?

Yeh better be referrin ta me, mate. M’ down wiv some sniffles— musta caught it from a ‘uman bloke on me travels!

batdemonkuronue sent: Not until you wear those pants again. *chuckles* Nice pair of buns, by the way. *flees*


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batdemonkuronue sent: *eyes snap open* Huh? I didn't say that. I wasn't even expecting to see that side of yours in the first place...

An ye neva will again, ye nosy git.

    —shoos him loosely—

batdemonkuronue sent: Eh? Ah, no, no, take it easy, bud. It's just that I never thought I'd see that side of you thanks to some assless pants, that's all.

'ey? Ya sayin' that like you woulda seennit any other way, mate. I keep me pants up jus' fine, I'll 'av you know.

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batdemonkuronue sent: I didn't know chu like wearing assless pants....

Oye, wos wiv that tone?


Ye feckin’ judgin me, mate?